Amanda Eng


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Academic Visits

Industrial Relations Section, Princeton University, Visiting Student, 2019-2020


Public Economics, Labor Economics

Job Market Paper

Income and the Take-Up of Means Tested Programs,” with Kevin Rinz. (Job Market Paper)


Culture and Gender Allocation of Tasks: Source Country Characteristics and the Division of Non-market Work among US Immigrants,” with Francine Blau, Lawrence Kahn, Matthew Comey, Pamela Meyerhofer, and Alexander Willén. 2020. Review of Economics of the Household 18 (4): 907–958.

Working Papers

Pell Grants and Student Success: Evidence from the Universe of Federal Aid Recipients,” with Jordan Matsudaira. November 2020. (Accepted at Journal of Labor Economics).

Works in Progress

“Do Tax Refunds Create Short Term Stimulus? Evidence from the Earned Income Tax Credit”

“The Earned Income Tax Credit and Infant Health”

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

Municipal Debt: What Does It Buy and Who Benefits,” with Harvey Galper, Kim Rueben, and Richard Auxier. 2014. National Tax Journal 67 (4): 901-24.

Evaluating Broad-Based Approaches for Limiting Tax Expenditures,” with Eric J. Toder and Joseph Rosenberg. 2013. National Tax Journal 66 (4): 807-32.

New Perspectives on Homeownership Tax Incentives,” with Benjamin H. Harris and C. Eugene Steuerle. December 23, 2013. Tax Notes : 1315-32.

The Benefits of the Mortgage Interest and Property Tax Deductions,” with Benjamin H. Harris. August 26, 2013. Tax Notes: 947.

Research and Work Experience

Summer 2020, Spring 2019, Summer 2018: Research Assistant, Professor Pauline Leung, Cornell University

Fall 2019-Spring 2020: Research Assistant, Professor Jordan Matsudaira, Columbia University

Summer 2019, Fall 2018: Research Assistant, Professor Zhuan Pei, Cornell University

Summer 2017-Spring 2018: Research Assistant, Professor Jordan Matsudaira, Cornell University

Fall 2015-Spring 2017: Research Assistant, Professor Francine Blau, Cornell Universtiy

2012-2014: Research Assistant, The Urban Institute, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center

Teaching Experience

Fall 2020: Teaching Assistant, PAM 6090 Empirical Strategies for Policy Analysis (PhD course), Professor Douglas Miller, Cornell University

Spring 2012: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Professor Mark Kuperberg, Swarthmore College

Fall 2011: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Intermediate Microeconomics, Professor Ellen Magenheim, Swarthmore College

Service and Professional Activities

Honors and Fellowships


Programming: Stata, SAS, \(\LaTeX\), VBA, Fortran; experience with R, Python, Matlab
Languages: English (native), Spanish (proficient), Mandarin (basic)
Citizenship: USA
Other: Special Sworn Status, U.S. Census Bureau (2017-present)